Statement of Support from Joan Collins TD (Ireland)

Joan Collins (Photo by Paul C Reynolds. Wikipedia)Firstly I would like to offer my sympathies to the friends, family and allies of Jasmine and Dora. Secondly I would like to thank the organisers and protesters around the world who simply won’t accept violence against sex workers. We together need to carry the message forward that there is great danger in being moralising and stigmatising about sex workers.

The best of the tradition I come from politically, shows solidarity to all workers to organise and fight back against their exploiters. It does not make moral judgements on the nature of their work. In that spirit I offer my full solidarity to all sex workers. I offer my solidarity in memory of Jasmine and Dora. I offer my solidarity in the hope that we are one step closer to overcoming a fatal stigma.

Joan Collins is a Teachta Dála (TD) (member of the lower house in the Irish Parliament) for the Dublin South-Central constituency since February 2011. Photo by Paul C Reynolds, Wikipedia.

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