Information for Journalists, Photographers and other Individuals

For Journalists, Photographers and other Individuals

We are glad that you plan to join the protest and wish to write about it or post photos or videos online. We must ask you, however, to respect the rights of privacy of everyone involved, especially that of sex workers. Even in places where sex workers are not criminalised, they still face stigma and discrimination. As the case of Petite Jasmine illustrates, sex workers also face real dangers both to their life and safety and to that of their families and friends.

We therefore ask you to avoid close-up photographs or videos of the participants unless you previously asked for their permission. If you plan to use media where you are not sure that the persons depicted gave their consent, please blur their faces to avoid them being recognisable. Please act responsibly and do not add to the very stigma and discrimination that we are protesting against.

In addition, we also like to ask you to send any media you recorded to Luca Stevenson, the coordinator of the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe, whom you can also contact for any questions you might have.

CONTACT: Luca Stevenson, ICRSE Coordinator / +44 7821 540 004

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