Information for Demo Organisers

For Demonstration Organisers

For small demonstrations, vigils or solidarity meetings, a good documentation goal is one good group photo in front of wherever you are meeting. Any particularly striking message on a placard, poster or banner can make a good impact in photos of the event too. Our beautiful sex work community has often made strong visual statements with fabulous costumes and brilliant slogans on banners.

For larger demonstrations and marches, it is ideal to organise someone to take some video footage of what happens, and capture as many small interviews with participants as are willing to appear in the video. Some phones have good enough video recording to take great footage this way, and the footage can be edited together afterwards to make a video of global coverage.

We very much hope to document in this way the enormous global solidarity that has been gathered: it will be a huge package of information to use- whether we archive it online to remind us of solidarity in dark times, or whether some of us use it in the ongoing struggle for worldwide decriminalisation and sex worker rights. (Click here to view a video about the Sex Workers’ Freedom Festival as an example.)

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