Edinburgh – Sex workers and allies meet with SCOT-PEP and Sex Worker Open University in front of the Scottish Parliament, Friday 19th July, 3pm

We have chosen to meet in front of the Scottish Parliament since the Swedish Embassy is very remote and will likely get little public or press attention, and the Turkish Consulate is just an honorary office. The Scottish Parliament is still very appropriate, since the Criminalisation of Clients Bill (sponsored by Rhoda Grant) was so recently considered here: Say NO! to the Swedish Model in Scotland! Justice for Jasmine and Justice for Dora!

We also ask that attendees wear black where possible; we may not be many people but we want to make a strong visual statement with our red umbrellas. Bring photos of Jasmine and Dora, banners or just yourself. You are also reminded that press may attend, so bring sunglasses/wig/mask to protect your identity if you wish.

Facebook Group

Email contact for press etc: violetxrose (at) gmail (dot) com



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