One thought on “Adelaide

  1. We are here, in solidarity with our peers around the world, to honour the memories of Jasmine and Dora. Fellow sex workers from Sweden and Turkey who were recently murdered.
    In the week since the two tragedies occurred, the feelings of anger, grief, sadness and injustice – for the loss of Dora and Jasmine, but also for the senseless and systemic murders and violence against sex workers worldwide – have brought together people in 35 cities from four continents.
    We are here because we have heard this story before. Right here in Adelaide, on many occasions throughout history, when sex workers were raped or assaulted we have been ignored, or worse, blamed for our suffering.
    We are here today because for us victim blaming is institutionalised in the justice system. Many sex workers in Adelaide do not seek justice when assaulted or raped because our workplaces are unjustly criminalised under archaic laws. Those sex workers seeking justice have been told that our pain was just a bad day at work.
    We are here today because we have been screaming and we have not been heard.
    We are here today because we will not be silenced or ignored anymore.
    Violence is violence, regardless of whom it is perpetrated against.
    What will it take for the authorities, the police and prosecutors, to understand that the victims of violent crimes are victims. Regardless of heir background, occupation or circumstances. These authorities must be held accountable for their failure to act.
    We know that it is failure to recognise us as human beings worthy of equal access and protection under the law.
    It is past time that sex workers in South Australia were awarded the same rights, the same protections and the same access to justice that the rest of our communities take for granted.

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